About Us

EIM builds specialized teams of pharma professionals that manage the development, commercialization and acquisition of innovative healthcare technologies for a wide variety of global clients.

We are seeking partnerships with investor and M&A networks to help their pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical companies to bring products to market, expand sales channels, maximize revenue and drive overall company valuation. 


Specialized Consulting

We offer customized services that range from product development to maximizing company valuation in preparation for acquisition.

We also serve as the sales management firm for a variety of healthcare and consumer product partners around the globe. Regardless of the market or product category, we can help your company drive revenue and overall valuation.

Sales Network

Our commercialization network is our greatest asset. We have direct relationships with dozens of professional associations, physicians groups, independent pharmacies, online retailers, natural product stores, first responder markets, global licensing partners as well as traditional retail and buying groups.

How can we help your organization be more profitable?

EIM has the experience, global network and sales contacts to bring medium sized companies to the next level.