Measured Sales Strategies    

We believe in launching, nurturing and organically growing product sales through our proven network of independent retail stores and niche markets.  We then leverage that success into our larger, more complex markets and sales channels.

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22 Countries  

International Licensing

We are comfortable with navigating international licensing and regulatory affairs while establishing commercialization partners for nutraceuticals, medical devices and drug products.  

15,000 Municipalities 

First Responders

EIM is deeply experienced in launching and expanding the sales of endorsed and award winning medical devices, antimicrobials and many other products to police, fire, EMS and military markets.

Contract Sales

 Need a salesforce? EIM utilizes a small but proven network of CSOs that are results oriented and charge reasonable fees. We are comfortable in managing these sales teams from introduction to sales force optimization. 



Independant Pharmacies  

We have direct relationships and have won product endorsements from the principals of every major national independent pharmacy association, key state associations and stocked all of the major buying groups in the Unites States. 

450 Stores

Independent Natural Food

Proving commercial viability in this very small community of retailers is ideal for establishing new brands.  Building a loyal customer base in smaller markets will over time capture the attention of larger grocery retail chains and global food conglomerates. 


We are deeply experienced in maximizing overall valuation for products or companies to prepare them for acquisition. 


Proven Model & Management Team

In late August of 2017, EIM executed the preceding commercialization strategy with a suite of nutraceuticals and sold the assets to a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. The agreement included an upfront cash payment of $3.6 million as well as warrants to purchase up to 200,000 shares of the company’s common stock (Currently valued at $2.22 million). The deal also included single digit royalties on sales, as well as milestone payments up to an additional $22 million based on the achievement of sales targets ranging from $10 million, up to $100 million.

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