Focused Goals, Measurable Results, Sustained Growth.

We focus on our Client’s most critical challenges and opportunities: product development, commercialization, market expansion, operations and maximizing value for acquisition. EIM is a deeply experienced, hands on partner that offers custom solutions that deliver measurable results to ensures sustained growth.

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Product Development

EIM has direct experience in the development and engineering of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals. We can help you navigate regulatory affairs, clinical trials and the challenges to get to market on time and on budget.

Market Expansion

Many of our Clients hire us to introduce their products to new markets or to target, assess, qualify and close new sales and marketing partners.

M&A Valuation

Prepping for exit or acquisition? Our team is highly skilled in maximizing your company and product valuation to ensure the greatest return.



Our global commercialization network is our greatest asset. We have direct relationships with dozens of global professional associations, independant pharmacies, online retailers, natural product stores, first responder markets, global licensing partners, major retailers and buying groups.

Operations, Turn Arounds

All companies encounter challenges as their team, markets and products mature. EIM infuses fresh ideas and systems that help maximize your team’s output, cuts costs and improves overall performance.

Late Stage Investment  

We invest in mature, late stage healthcare companies that can benefit from our expertise and global healthcare network.


One Client’s M&A Success Story

In November 2017, EIM managed the acquisition of a suite of nutraceuticals and sold the assets to a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. The agreement included an upfront cash payment of $3.6 million as well as warrants to purchase up to 200,000 shares of the company’s common stock (Currently valued at $2.22 million). The deal also included single digit royalties on sales, as well as milestone payments up to an additional $22 million based on the achievement of sales targets ranging from $10 million, up to $100 million.

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