LuciPlex Finalist CPG Editors Choice Award at Supply Side West 2017

Congratulations to our friends at Union Springs Healthcare and Enzymotec/Vaya Pharmaceuticals for LuciPlex® being named a finalist for the CPG Editors Choice Award for the Best Brain Health Product at Supply Side West 2017.

LuciPlex stands alone because its safety and efficacy is affirmed in direct and ongoing human clinical trials.

Brain Health nutraceuticals are largely ignored in the marketplace because they are extremely difficult to clinically prove direct safety and efficacy. Those that cant prove efficacy simply use flashy marketing to renew customer bases that perpetually reinforce that the segment is a sham.

Union Springs Healthcare’s commitment efficacy through human clinical validation enabled it to break through an incredibly competitive field and gain significant market share.

EIM founder Jake Griggs said, “It was such an honor to develop and commercialize LuciPlex and get to witness the product’s growth and positive impact on the lives patients and their caregivers. LuciPlex is just getting started. The acquisition of the product by Enzymotec and Vaya Pharmacuticals will expand the product’s reach for years to come.”

For more information about LuciPlex contact Union Springs Healthcare.

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